MAQUISAC Bottomer of 1996
MAQUISAC Bottomer of 1996, overhauled in 2010. For valve and/or open mouth sacks production. Max speed of 100 sacks/min. Tube lengths: 550 - 1000 mm. Finished sack lengths: sacks with valve 840 mm and open mouth sacks of 920 mm (with bottom of 120 mm). Sack widths: 340 - 600 mm. Bottom widths: 90 - 120 mm. Bottom centers: 340 mm. Feeder: 8 valve rotary with two 3 HP BUSH vacuum pumps. Drive: 15 HP motor with frequency inverter. Valve station: on both sides. Bottom formats: on both sides. Bottom patch/cap applicator: on both sides. Two colors printer on both sides. With pneumatic membrane glue pump. With belt type bag presser. With MAQUISAC packetizer electrically and pneumatically controlled. With bag stack counting selector and digital bag totalizer. With revolver type unwinders for the valves and bottom patch reels. For max 1200 mm reel diameters.Visible in production and immediately available. 
Letta 804 - 04/05/2018