TECNOMECCANICA mod. Pnu1450 Solventless and water-based glue full automatic Laminator of 1990/1998
Working width: 1420mm. Roller width: 1460mm. Mechanical speed max 70 mts/min. Production speed: 45-60 mts/min. Min. sheet size of 500x500mm and max sheet size of 1420x1620mm. Heated calander diameter of 450mm. Electrical power of 75KW. Compressed ait: 6 bars. With Mabeg Feeder, calandar unit, register size programmer, flying-splice double reel unwinder for the film reel, paper reel unwinder for max reel diam. of 500mm max, film trimming system, sheet rewinder unit for laminated paper  reels of max 500mm diameter, tear-off  separator cutting unit, aut. pile up system, centralized panel, calander temperature with digital programmin, air shafts for the film unwinder, coating unit with horizontal 9mts long drying tunnel , air heating unit, transport system by vacuum belts at the calander inlet, cleaning unit for the paper complete with brushing unit, vibrating blade cut system, complete  NORMECCANICA SOLVENTLESS coater of  1998 1400 which can word sheet/sheet and reel to reel.  Visible in operation. Immediately available. 
Letta 818 - 06/03/2020