ST REGIS American made bottomer

We have for sale,  the ST REGIS American made  bottomer.  Bag types: satchel, slit diamond, full diamond, stepped end and open mouth. Sleeve types: tock-in and insert. Production rate: approx: 100-135 bags/min. Size range: Valve and bottom size: 2-1/2” to 7”. Tube length: 22-1/4 to 49”. Tube widths: 15” to 42-3/4”. It was purchased new in circa, 1960.  And has been in regular 8 hour shift operations since then.  Its maintenance has been consistent; and the  last integral maintenance schedule was performed late December 2020.

 Same will be available for sale, starting May 1, 2021.  It was taken out of production in April 2021. 

The bottomer’s actual running speed for sacks with 2 bottoms, is about 75 sacks per minute.  And 90 sacks per minute, for sacks with only 1 bottom.


This unit is for sale outside of the Central American/Caribbean area. 

The owner’s company will cooperate with loading and related aspects. There will be a nominal charge of $1500.00 for this


Letta 1168 - 27/04/2021