FLEXOTECNICA 6 colors (6+0 or 3+3)  mod. THEMA stack flexo of 1988
FLEXOTECNICA6 colors (6+0 or 3+3)  mod. THEMA stack flexo of 1988.  Web width of  max. 1250 mm. Print width of max. 1200 mm. Print repeats from min. 300 mm to max. 1000 mm.  Single unwinder for max reel diam. of approx 2000 mm, with parent reel pick up system from the floor. With automatic Duplex rewinder for max reel diam. of 1000 mm. With an additional Unwinder for max 800mm for plastic films to be laminated in-line.  Burner bridge drying of 200.000k.cal/h with mixer. Drying elements from the burner with 2 additional fans. Cliche thickness of 3 mm.With blowing and vacuum systems. Speed:  approx max 250 m/min.  Materials: papers from 25 to 250 grs, PP or co-extruded films. 
With high capacity  automatic cylinder storage system. With approx. 131 print cylinders + 14 sleeve holder cylinders + 7 Anilox cylinders + 8 rubber covered cylinders + 4 doctor blades. Visible installed until mid July 2018 but not in production. Immediately available if unsold. 
Letta 1082 - 27/06/2018