W&H Matador 31

W&H Matador 31Flat bottom paper bag machine model  overhauled. For bag widths: 90 - 310mm. Tube lengths: 250 - 650mm. Gussets: 50 - 140mm. Max mech. speed: 300mts/min. With in-line 4 color printer with camber doctor blades. Paper grammage: 30-60 grs. Unwinder for max reel diameter of 1000mm.  Max  web and print width of 800mm.  Number of printing cylinders: 280-330-400-440-500-610mm. Number of gears: 280-330-400-440-500-610mm. Visible in production. Immediately available. 

Letta 938 - 03/05/2019