MAF model FLEXOPRESS of 1974
MAF model FLEXOPRESS of 1974 Stack type 4 color Flexo (4+0 and 2+2). Max passage width of 880mm and max print width of 790mm. Max parent reel diameter. 800mm. Max finished reel diameter: 700mm.  Print repeats from 250mm to 1200mm. Speed of approx 70 mts/min.  Materials. PELD, PEHD, PPL and papers.  Drying by electrical resistances.  Solvent based inks. Inclued is a crane for lifting/moving the print cylinders.  Included are 70 printing cylinders with repeats from 250mm tov max 1200mm. Visible in operation. Immediately available.
Letta 735 - 10/09/2019