Rotogravure Cerutti R48
Rotogravure Cerutti R48Rotogravure Cerutti R48

Year: 1986

Max speed: 280m/min

Max material width: 1230mm

Max print width: 1200mm

9 colours

1st  & 9th units double dryer 2x2.5m

2nd- 8th units single hood 2.5m

Duplex lamination inline with corona treatment.

Triplex lamination inline with coldseal

Viscosimeter on all units.

Automatic unwinder, reel  diameter: 800mm

Automatic rewinder, reel diameter: 800mm

Drying by hotair

Suitable printing material: Pet/OPP.

18 removable trollies

Visible not in operation but installed

Letta 647 - 13/11/2019