W+H model Matador NP 38 year 2000 with in-line 4 colors W+H Flexo model QMS 992 of 1964
W+H  model Matador NP 38 of year 2000 with in-line 4 colors  W+H Flexo model  QMS 992 of 1964 (currently the Flexo is working with 3 colors, missing some parts to be able to do 4 colors with SERVO system for the cut length adjustment.  Equipped with  in-line finished bag stack pressing system. Min. and max bag size range:  widths: 100-380mm. Finished bag lengths: 200-500mm. Production speed of 230 bags/min. with the size 200mm width x 150mm lateral gussets x 365mm length. Materials: papers from 30  to 100 grs. Included are: 1 forming unit 200mm wide + 2 pcs printing cylinders and cut of 380mm + 1 piece format wheels to QMS 992 of 380mm. Immediately available and visible in operation until end June 2020 then it will be dismantled.
Letta 73 - 08/01/2020