PAGLIERANI Bagging and FBC Palletization line
brand new and having an hourly capacity of 150 sacks of 25 kgs


- Aut. PAGLIERANI Bagging machine, including:

  * New Feeding system

  * Conveyor Band/Board

  * Lung hopper 

  * Gross weight scale

  * Load cells and electronic net weight scale 

  * Aut. bagging unit with aut. valve sack  warehouse 

  * Additional horizontal conveyour per the eventual manual bagging


- FBC PALLETIZATION system with pallet buffer


- Compressed air line including one 10 KW compressor, a dryer and a tank


- Hot bars Welding machine for open mouth sacks (brand new)


- Technical documentation

Letta 975 - 22/01/2020