W+H Tuber AM 2185 + Bottomer AD 2390 + FLEXA 820 + ARCOMAT 2 Palletizer + Automation TRANSYSTEMS
Complete WINDMOELLER & HOELSCHER industrial paper sack line for mainly cement sacks, composed by the Tuber AM 2185 + Bottomer AD 2390 + Flexo tail-end printer FLEXA 820 + ARCOMAT 2 Palletizer + Automation TRANSYSTEMS for the automated material flow system between Tuber AM 2185 and Bottomer AD 2390 + Glue preparation plant, + Slitter and single-rail overhead travelling crane.

Noise emission: LpA 72 dB(A). According to DIN7EN/ISO 3746, EN 13023, EN/ISO 11204. Scale graduation: metric. Power characteristics: for direct connection to 400 bV, 3-phase AC mains, 50 or 60 Hz.


Main technical specifications of the AM 2185 Tuber: Max speed: 350 tubes/min.Tube  widths: 280 to 600mm. Tube lengths: 450 to 1050mm. Both stepped cut and straight cut possible. 4 Ply. Paper rollwidth: 1020mm. Paper roll diameter approx 1250mm. Main drive motor: 240 kW. 4 Colors in-line Flexo model Flexa 820 for max web width of 1370mm, max printing  width of 1320mm. Print repeats: 450-1500mm, output speed. max 350 m/min. For papers 40-250 grs. With Photocell for processing pre-printed reels. Electrical Cabinet complete and  including  the PLC. Connecting Cabling for the automated equipment between Tuber and Bottomer. Cable Ducts on the automation equipment. Conveyor for transport of packets in the longitudinal direction 2 mts. Turning Station for tube packets. Delivery Table for manual take-off of packets in longitudinal direction. Additional conveyor of transpor of packets in the longitudinal direction, 2mts. Press plate for 1 packet. Corner Roller Coveyor. Turnover station for the transport of packets in the cross direction. Collating Conveyor, 5 mts length. Storage Conveyors, 5 mts long. Press Plate with guard. 4 Storage Conveyors 5 mts long. Pivoting Assembly for storage Conveyor. Demand Conveyor. Auto loader.


Main technical specifications of the AD 2390 Bottomer: Max capacity of 300 sacks/min. With 1 Valve Unit. Sack widths: 350 - 520mm. Sack lengths: 380 - 780mm. Bottom widths: 70 - 160 mm. Valve sheet lengths: 200 - 250mm approx. Main drive power: 240 kW with PC. With in-line flexo for the bottom patch printing. With Rotary  feeder. Register Table. Bottom Creasing Station. Bottom Opening Station. CCS Geometry Checking Unit, with light barriers, Checking software in the PC of the machine control for fault identification by comparison of actual dimensions against programmed set points. With rejection of redundant valve and bottom patches as well as paster lift-off in the event of faulty sacks. Stop of the pressing delivery upon rejection of faulty sacks to maintain shingle spacing, removal of sacks already provided with paste if production is interrupted for more than 5 minutes, operator inputs of set points and tolerances as well as display of operating data via PC in the machine control. Valve Unit Substructure. Bottom Width Creasing Unit. Bottom Pasting Station. Substructure for bottom Closing Unit. Bottom Edge Pressing Rolls. Bottom Turning Unit. Sack Transfer and Reject Gate. Sack Transport System. Motorized Transverse Adjustment. Vacuum Lines and Reservoir. Glue Supply and return Pipes. Vacuum System. Undervalve Venthole Perforating Unit. Bottom Slitting Assembly with Manual Adjustment. Valve Unit version 2390 for the manufacture of single-ply valves. Bottom Closing Station. Bottom patch Units for the application of bottom patches onto both sack bottoms, each unit comprising: double roll unwind unit with air shafts for a max roll diam. of 1300mm and 76mm i.d. cores, web guide control with optical   edge scanning, etc. Flexo Bottom Patch Printer for One Color. Run-On Drive for Bottom Patch Printers. Web Guide prior to Printing. Lifting Cart. Spreader set up Jig. Paste Level Control. Paste Pad Mounter. Two Drum Delivery with design height of 4.000mm, with electronics counter up to 25 sacks/hand, Shingle interrupter permitting a shingle flow separation upon reaching a present number of tubes. Collator. Jumbo speed Display. With Pneumatic Installation. Including all technical documentation. With several change parts.


TRANSYSTEMS behind the Bottomer for the AUTOMATED MATERIAL FLOW SYSTEM between AD2390 and ARCOMAT  2 Palletizer.

ARCOMAT  2 Palletizer:For sack widths: 280 to 600mm. Sack lengths: 360 to 830mm. Max packet height: 150mm. Max conveying speed: 25 packets/min.The above line is approx 10 years old but has only operated during 6 months. Therefore it is almost brand new. It is immediately available, if unsold, visible fully installed. This line is sold as it is, to be dismantled, packed and transported. We can provide, if requested and at extra price,  the skilled engineers for its dismantling and re-assembling/start-up.
Letta 342 - 23/07/2020