* HONSEL model HONCO 722 machine of 1990
* HONSEL model HONCO 722 machine of 1990, to apply and glue cardboard collars and apply double folded ends on one or both sides of vacuum cleaner tubes/bags.
Bag widths: 80 to 260mm
Bag finished  lengths with double fold on both sides: 200 to  540mm
With automatic feeding station for block bottom bags of 230 to 520mm of lengths
For open tubes with inside glue on one side in feeding length: 310 to 640mm  
Output per minute: 100 bags (according on size and form of the cardboard and quality and rigidity of the bag materials
Excellent machine conditions. Visible in operation. Immediately available
Requested price ex works, as it is and to be dismantled: € 178.000
Letta 1103 - 29/07/2022