G+T Labelling machine

 G+T Labelling machine. For core diameters from 45 mm to 145 mm (however, the owner have already coated tubes with lower thicknesses, so he assumes that it is possible, with some modifications, to work even tubes with a smaller diameter.)Min. length of the tube (to be coated and then cut in sectors) :600 mm. Max. length: 1000 mm. With 5 mandrels (68 mm, 83 mm, 88 mm, 112 mm, 121 mm.There are 7 cutting units and the minimum cutting height is 56 mm. The production varies from a minimum of 15 pieces / minute to a maximum of 30 pieces / minute. Age of approx 15 to 20 years. No CE standards. Machine visible installed but not in production (eventually in rotation/operation only). Immediately available if unsold. 

Letta 2986 - 16/06/2016